Meet the Team

Witham First District, Witham Third District, Upper Witham & North East Lindsey IDBs’ Officers

Jane Froggatt (Chief Executive):

The Chief Executive role is a joint role serving Upper Witham, Witham First District, Witham Third District and North East Lindsey Internal Drainage Boards.  The four IDBs have agreed to combine administrative functions to achieve economies of scale, whilst preserving valuable local knowledge and expertise within the Boards, each retaining its independence and separate identity as a Flood Risk Management Authority.

In summary the Role of Chief Executive is:

  • Ensuring the 4 IDBs each maintain appropriate governance and reporting framework in accordance with the standards required of a Flood Risk Management Authority, a public body.
  • Policy adviser to each of the 4 Boards, drawing on professional and technical advice.
  • Ensuring implementation of policies, plans and procedures agreed by each of the 4 Boards.
  • Management of the 4 Boards’ functions, employees and resources (fulfilling the role of Head of Paid Services).
  • Ensuring the 4 Boards work in partnership with other Flood Risk Management Authorities, e.g. Lincolnshire County Council as Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) since April 2012, the Environment Agency, water companies, other IDBs, District and Parish Councils.
  • Ensuring the 4 Boards deliver appropriate summer and winter maintenance programmes as agreed by the Boards and have staff with appropriate training and skills and suitable plant and equipment available to them to provide a 24/7 emergency response to flood events.
  • To manage the introduction of new systems and ways of working in the 4 Boards, e.g. new Finance, ratings and GIS systems.
  • Accountable officer to the 4 Boards, overseeing the 4 Boards’ finances (preparation of annual budgets, in-year performance reports and closure of Annual Accounts), rating and valuation procedures.
  • Management of the interface between members of the 4 Boards and staff, ensuring members and officers’ conduct is in accordance with the ethics of public bodies.
  • Liaison role for the Boards within the water levels management industry (e.g. with Defra, Local Authorities, the NFU, Environmental bodies, MPs, the national Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA), the Agricultural Land Tribunal Service) promoting a positive image and understanding of the importance of IDBs in water levels management and their contribution to the environment.

Jane Froggatt has 30 years’ experience of working in management roles in public bodies.  She joined the IDBs in December 2011.  Previously Jane worked for over 24 years in the NHS, in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Hampshire and Northants, where roles included General Manager of the New Forest Hospitals and Community services in Southampton, Chief Executive for the former Grantham and District Hospital NHS Trust and Chief Executive for the former East Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust.  She has worked in Local Government for 4 years as Strategic Director for East Lindsey District Council.

After graduating and joining the NHS, she undertook a 3 year Diploma in Health Services Management at Sheffield Polytechnic. Jane then undertook a Masters degree in Social Policy and Public Administration at Nottingham University.


Engineering & Operations

Martin Shilling (Director of Operations and Engineering Services):

Martin is responsible for all the operational and engineering activities undertaken by the Boards. He plans the Boards’ summer and winter maintenance programmes to ensure the Boards’ maintained channels are kept clear of obstructions and is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Boards’ pumping stations and plant. Martin liaises and co-operates with riparian owners, local authorities and other organisations to ensure an appropriate response to heavy rainfall and high flow events.

Martin has over 35 years’ experience working within the land drainage industry in both operational and management roles. Before joining the Boards in June 2009, he had previously worked for the Middle Level Commissioners, North Norfolk District Council, the National Rivers Authority and the Environment Agency.

At the Middle Level Commissioners he undertook survey and design work whilst preparing and supervising land drainage schemes. During his time at North Norfolk District Council he designed municipal car parking and a mooring quay. After joining the National Rivers Authority Martin gained experience in a number of teams and catchments, both fluvial and tidal. This experience ranged from project management of capital schemes, managing the operational teams that covered Lincolnshire’s main river network and coastal defenses and creating an Enforcement team that determined and policed consents.

After studying at Peterborough Regional College, Martin was appointed an Incorporated Engineer and has been an Associate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers since 1996.


Ian Coupland (Operations Manager):

On a day to day basis Ian’s main duties include organising the works that the operatives undertake, liaising with farmers, and identifying problems throughout the districts. He also carries out inspections on pumping stations, plant and equipment.

Ian worked for three years at Witham Fourth District IDB as a ‘Low-loader driver and plant mechanic’. He joined the Boards in January 2008, undertaking the role of ‘Works Supervisor’.


Alan Gardner (Consents Officer):

Alan works part time as the Boards’ Consents Officer. Prior to this, Alan worked for 7 years as the Boards’ Engineer.


Guy Hird (Engineering Services Officer):

Guy is responsible to the Director of Operations and Engineering Services and is involved with all aspects of the Boards’ work. He is responsible for monitoring development within the Boards’ district and extended catchment through the planning process. He liaises and co-operates with riparian owners, local authorities and other organisations to ensure an appropriate response to heavy rainfall and high flow events. Other duties involve undertaking work on internal and external schemes and managing the Boards’ Telemetry systems.

Guy has over twenty years’ experience working for Upper Witham Internal Drainage Board. Prior to this, he worked for Lincolnshire County Council Highways and a structural timberwork company. He has an HNC in Civil Engineering.


Sam Ireland (GIS & Environment Officer):

Sam is primarily responsible for GIS systems, including ensuring that all of our GIS layers are up to date, and producing any maps for areas of interest or prospective works. She is undertaking an asset survey for the Board, along with being responsible for maintaining databases, and coordinating the environmental work of the Board. She is also responsible for maintaining the rating database, and answering any queries regarding land ownership.

Sam previously worked for Witham Fourth District IDB as ‘Asset Mapping Assistant’. Prior to this she worked in Indonesia conducting biological research in the rainforest. Sam has a BSc in Physical Geography, and a MSc in Environmental Consultancy, both completed at Newcastle University. She is also chartered with CIWEM as a ‘Water and Environment Manager’.


Chris Noble (Engineering Consultant):

Chris provides engineering support to North East Lindsey IDB on a part time basis.


Darren Scott (Works Supervisor):

Darren helps to organise the day to day activities undertaken by the Board’s contractors.


Garry Winterton (Consents and Enforcements Officer):

Garry is the dedicated Consents and Enforcements officer for the Boards, whose primary role is to manage Consents and Enforcement under the Land Drainage Act 1991. This role includes helping to reduce the risk from flooding within the district, and ensuring that consents are administered in accordance with the legislation. Much of his work involves ensuring that customers are aware of their riparian responsibilities. This includes ensuring that the maintenance and improvement of watercourses, along with related infrastructure such culverts and embankments is sufficient within the drainage districts.  Wherever possible this is achieved by working with our customers to achieve a satisfactory solution.

Garry has over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry in both public and private sectors. After finishing his joinery apprenticeships, Garry worked for a number of construction companies in the UK, before joining the City of Lincoln Council within the Building Control Profession. Garry worked for over 30 years in Building Control with the City of Lincoln, Newark & Sherwood and East Lindsey District Councils, as well as being Director of Lincs Building Consultancy which delivered Building Control Services for North East Lincolnshire and East Lindsey. During his professional career he obtained a Diploma in Construction at Lincoln College, followed by an honours degree at Leeds University.  He obtained professional Membership with Association of Architects & Surveyors together with Membership of the Association of Building Engineers.


Finance & Administration

Jayney Flower (Executive Assistant):

Jayney joined the organisation in 2017 as Executive Assistant to provide support to the Executive Team. Jayney has over 15 years’ experience in  administration and support roles and is responsible for the administration of the 4 boards, providing a comprehensive business support service to the CEO, board members and senior officers.


Lorraine Sayce (Finance and Rating Officer):

Lorraine is responsible for the day to day working of the finance and rating system. She is mainly responsible for drainage rates for the Boards, along with the corresponding payrolls and finance ledgers. Lorraine is also AAT qualified.

Prior to working for the Boards, Lorraine worked for a construction company as a ‘finance assistant’. She also has a B-Tech in construction.


Gloria Scott (Administrative Support Officer):

Gloria provides administrative and ratings support to North East Lindsey IDB.


Eunice Secker (Cleaner):

Eunice is North East Lindsey IDB’s cleaner.


Anna Wilson (Finance and Rating Officer):

Anna is the Finance and Rating Officer for the Boards. She is mainly responsible for drainage rates for the Boards, along with the corresponding payrolls and finance ledgers. She is AAT qualified and has a BA (Hons) in Economics.


Judy Yoxall (Clerical & Payroll Officer):

Judy spends one day each week extracting the information from timesheets to input into the payroll. She also provides job-costing reports.